3 Person Yoga Poses Easy

Yoga is a great way to exercise and strengthen your core, reduce stress, and increase flexibility. But sometimes it can get a bit boring to practice solo. Luckily, there are some great yoga poses that you can do with friends and family for a fun change to your workout. Three-person yoga poses can be both easy and challenging, providing an opportunity to challenge yourself and strengthen the bond with friends and family.

Half Lotus Pose

three person working on Half Lotus Yoga Pose

Start with all three partners in a seated position and facing each other. Partner one extends their arms straight out in front of their body and the other two partners grasp the center partner’s arms. Partners two and three will then lean back, creating an arch with their body and balancing on their hands. Partner one should work to maintain their balance in the center of the pose. The partner in the center can also move their arms and legs around to increase the challenge.

Chair Pose

This pose is a great way to challenge balance and coordination. Partner one will start holding their arms in a prayer posture and partner two and three will stand on either side, place their hands on partner one’s shoulders, and extend their arms out toward the sides. Partners two and three will then lower their bodies down as if sitting in an invisible chair, bringing their shoulders and hips to the same level. Partner one should then work to stay upright and stable in the middle. Increased difficulty can be achieved by adding a backbend or a side bend to this pose.

Shoulders of the Gods

three people working on Shoulders of the Gods Yoga Pose

This pose is a more challenging and intense one and requires a bit more balance. For this pose, partner one will begin in half-lotus position and partners two and three should kneel facing their partner one at the elbow level. Partners two and three will then place their palms firmly on their partner one’s shoulders and then lean back as if being supported by the ‘shoulders of the gods’. This pose not only challenges balance, but also requires core coordination. It can again be made more challenging with different variations.

Three-person yoga poses can be a great way to spice up your yoga routine, increase challenges, build relationships, and bring a touch of fun to your workout. Whether you are continuing to practice yoga in your home or make the most of any outdoor activity, these poses are a great way to work out with friends and family.

3 Person Yoga Poses: Easy and Challenging Acro Yoga Positions