3 Person Yoga Poses Beginner

HI there welcome to the Yoga poses around the world!
We have some amazing inversions to show you today that could be your next practice.

Down-Dog to L-Shaped

Down-Dog to L-Shaped

Down-Dog to L-Shaped is an amazing way to start any inversion practice. This move will help improve your balance, stability and your awareness. This move starts with a standard downward-facing dog position, where your spine and neck should be in an extended and straight line. From there, you can start to push your hips back, while lowering your chest and shoulders towards the floor. Lastly, fully extend one foot and reach the arms overhead with palms touching.

This move will help build strength in your shoulders, arms and torso as you press up into the L-Shaped position. Make sure to keep breathing and focus on keeping your core tight during the pose. When done correctly, this pose helps to improve your posture, strengthen your abdominal muscles, and open up your chest.

Try this pose and see how your body feels. Make sure to listen to your body and pay attention to any discomfort when practicing this pose. Have fun and enjoy the journey!