2 Person Yoga Poses Medium

Yoga is an ancient practice that has many proven benefits. Although traditionally practiced solo, it can also be done in pairs! Here we will show you some of the best two person yoga poses that will challenge and stretch you, while also providing a soothing calming experience with your gym partner. Two people doing advanced yoga poses.

Two Person Yoga Challenge Poses

Double your fun and double the challenge with partner yoga! Not only will you and your partner be able to experience a calming yoga session together, but you can also be pushed to the limits and build a stronger relationship by trying poses that require trust and connection.

Here are some of the best two person yoga poses you can do with your gym buddy:

Tree Pose

The Tree Pose is a balancing yoga pose that requires two people to hold each other for support. The person on the left will be the “trunk” and the person on the right will be the “branch.” To start, the “trunk” will stand firmly with both feet on the floor, while the “branch” will approach them so their chest is resting against the trunk’s back. The “branch” should then lift one foot and place it on the inside of the thigh of the “trunk.” Both people should then grip each other’s forearms for support and balance. Try to keep your gaze focused on one point and keep your hips in line with your partner’s as you hold the pose for as long as you both are comfortable.

Twin Warrior Pose

The Twin Warrior Pose is a moderate yoga pose that can be done with two partners to deepen the stretch. To start, both people should stand in opposite directions and then the person on the left will bend one knee and lower the arms to the floor. The person on the right will cross their left arm over the right arm of their partner and place their right hand on the floor. Both people should then kick the back foot of their partner behind them as they bend their own knee, lowering their arms and back. To complete the pose, keep your chest open and press your palms together as your partner supports you by pressing their arms against yours.

Gaze Pose

The Gaze Pose is an advanced two-person yoga pose that requires a lot of coordination and trust. To start, one person should stand in the right angle pose and their partner should face them with their feet about a foot apart. The first person should then move their toes closer to the partner’s feet and lower their body so both partners’ left hands can meet and clasp together. The partner should then wrap their right arm around the waist of their partner and slide it up their back. Both people should then turn their heads to the left, gazing into the eyes of the other. Hold the pose for 30 to 60 seconds and then release.

These are just a few of the incredible two person yoga poses you can do with your partner. Be creative and have fun as you both challenge each other and move further in poses. Yoga is a great way to bond and strengthen the relationship between two people, so enjoy every moment and take this journey together!