2 Person Yoga Poses Hard

Life-long wellness requires commitment and creativity. For committed couples looking to stay connected and practice wellbeing, two-person yoga poses can be a great solution. Whether you are a couple that has been together for years or just friends looking to engage in some physical activity, two-person yoga is a way to bring your connection deeper and focus on physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The Wheel

The Wheel is a great two-person yoga pose for couples and friends. Start by laying on opposite sides with your legs together and your toes spread apart. Bend your knees and have your partner hold them firmly. Both of you should take a deep breath, bring your head up, and then press the front of your chest together while raising your legs up. Take a few breaths while holding the pose and then release back to the starting position.

The Wheel two person yoga pose

The High-Five Plank

The High-Five Plank is a great yoga pose for couples or friends. Start by standing at opposite ends. Put your feet together and your palms against each other. Both partners should then bring their arms up and clasp hands high above your head. Push your feet together and hold the pose for four to five breaths. After that, drop your hands and come back to the starting position.

The Butterfly

The Butterfly is a great two-person yoga pose to help strengthen core and lower back muscles. Start by sitting across from your partner, facing each other. Place the soles of your feet against each other, fold your legs together and find your balance in the middle. While holding hands, have one partner start to balance on their tailbone. Then, use your core muscles to lift up your body and lower yourself to your partner. To finish the pose, both partners should lift the arms, stretch, and release back to the starting position.

The Butterfly two person yoga pose

The Pelvis Twist

The Pelvis Twist is a great two-person yoga pose for couples or friends to improve balance and stability. Start by sitting across from each other, facing your partner and legs extended. Hold hands and use the leverage to twist your torso and come closer towards your partner. Push the feet together and use your core strength to stay balanced in the twist. Hold it for five slow breaths and then slowly release and stay in the seated position.

The Pelvis Twist two person yoga pose

The Backbend

The Backbend is a great two-person yoga pose for couples to take their relationship and their practice to the next level. Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Then, have one partner put their hand behind their partner’s back and the other partner should grab their partner’s hand. Both should then slightly bend the legs and simultaneously pull the arms back, opening the chest and deepening the backbend. Breathe in the pose for five counts, then come back to the standing position.

The Backbend two person yoga pose

In addition to helping you stay connected and bring your relationship to the next level, two-person yoga is a great way to stay fit and healthy while having fun with your partner or friend. Combining poses from different practices, from traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga to partners acro yoga or Thai yoga massage, gives you a great opportunity for growth both on the physical, mental, and spiritual level.

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